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May 09 1971

Cities of East Pakistan Show Wide Devastation

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Jessore, EAST PAKISTAN.-Communal violence and military action to put down the rebellion in East Pakistan have wreaked death and devastation here and in Khulna, the province's second port and third ranking city.

In Khulna, newsmen on an army-conducted tour yesterday saw what a non-Bengali resident described as a human slaughter-house. Sheds were said to have been used by East Pakistan's dominant Bengalis in mass killings of Bihari immigrants from India, West Pakistanis and other non-Bengalis during March and early April at the height of the secessionist uprising.

Reporters were shown a wooden frame with chains affixed on top where women and children reportedly were beheaded with knives.


There was a form a garrote attached to a tree where the resident said victims were choked to death. Cords attached to one tree were described as hanging nooses.

Bodies were said to have been thrown over a low wall into the river running alongside .

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