New York Times

May 09 1971

Bengalis Depict How A Priest Died

By Malcolm W. Browne

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NOTE.-The following dispatch is by one of the six

foreign newspaper allowed into East Pakistan this week

by the Pakistani Government for a tour with official


Jessore, PAKISTAN.-In the Catholic hospital grounds of this smashed and burned city is the fresh grave of an Italian priest- the only foreigner known to have been slain in the fighting that has gripped East Pakistan for the past two months, The grave is that of the Rev. Mario Veronesi, 58 years old, who worked at the Roman Catholic mission here for 18 years.

Newsmen touring East Pakistan were permitted one hour by their military guides today for private interviews.. Ordinarily, escorts are present at all times and most of the trips during the five-day permitted stay have been taken up by official briefings.

Father Veronesi was one of four Italian priests at the Fatima Catholic Hospital here. All were members of the Xaverian order. Two are physicians,


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