At the Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community, we hold many events and activities for our community members. These events showcase community values and help fulfil CBMC’s objectives. To read about our objectives in detail, go to our “About” page. To see detailed descriptions of our recent events and blog posts, check our “Recent Events” page or the sidebar. Check out our blog page for important news and updates. You can also check our our Facebook page.

Snippet of Recent Events:

Summer Students

This summer we had the pleasure of working with two bright young minds. Please check out the post below for details.

2nd Annual Children’s Art Festival, 2020

Since last year, CBMC has held an annual art festival to engage the youth within our community and foster connections within the Bangladeshi diaspora. Due to COVID-19, our event was held virtually.

Below is a link to the award ceremony live stream that can be found on our Facebook page.


3rd COVID Relief Distribution, Bangladesh 2020

As a community we believe in supporting others, especially during these trying times. Supplies to help deal with COVID-19 were distributed to underprivileged populations in Bangladesh at Bagherhat Moralgonj, Manikgonj Shatoria, Chandpur Kochua, Savar and Dhaka Kathalbagan. This could have not been implemented without Surovi school in Dhaka.

Below is a slideshow with photos of the distribution. There are also details of the distribution with instructions on how to donate. The same information can be found on our Facebook page.

Snippet of 2nd distribution:

Snippet of 1st distribution:

Essay and Student of the Year Competition, 2020

Every year we host an essay competition and a scholarship for the student of the year. Through the essay competition Bangladeshi youth have a chance to stimulate their skills and put them to the test in order to win a prize!

Below is a slideshow with photos of all of the winners and the Facebook livestream of our ceremony.