Canada Bangladesh Muslim Society


Dear friends of CBMC,

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh
We hope each of you is safe and healthy.

Under the sponsorship of the Canadian Federal Government Summer Jobs Program, Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community (CBMC) is pleased to offer short – term employment opportunity for two positions to eligible students for 2020.
Please see all details in the job description below.

*** Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to ***

In the meantime, stay safe. All the best.

Yours sincerely,

Executive Committee
Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community


*** Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to ***


Candidate Residence
● Must reside in the Nepean riding of Hon. Chandra Arya MP, the sponsor for the jobs.
● Riding map –
● Riding locator –
● No exceptions will be made to this rule.

Program requirements
● be between 15 and 30 years of age at the starting date of the employment
● have been registered as full-time student in the previous academic year and intend to return to school on a full-time basis in the following academic year
● be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person to whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act for the duration of the employment
● have a valid Social Insurance Number at the start of employment and be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial or territorial legislation and regulations
● For more details, please see

Preferred Skills and Knowledge
● Self-driven individual with motivated personality
● Experience on professional / social voluntary work will be an added value
● Able to prepare reports / articles / compositions and an affinity for creativity
● IT knowledge on MS Office, Web designing, usage of various MS and Google Tools
● WordPress for Web CMS editing


Stakeholders Database Update – Donors and Guests
● CBMC Stakeholders Database Update – contact all members on the Donors’ and Guest List, collect required information and update the database.

Website Migration
● Migrate CBMC Website to new domain, refresh web page layout and suggest any changes on the functionality of the website

Office Documentation
● Prepare template for financial statements and organize financial documentation procedure
● Create physical and electronic folders to archive AGM and EC Meeting Minutes
● Migrate all electronic documents to the email drive –

Social Media Platform
● Develop social media channels – Instagram / Twitter under the existing management email
● Upload CBMC recent events photos/news into these channels

Art Competition
● Support the Program Coordinator to organize the art competition held at a venue virtual
● Engage in online publicity activities and follow-up on funding initiatives
● Receive and digitize artwork submissions; arrange physical / virtual display of submissions
● Execute specific task assigned during the artwork review process, virtual announcements of winners and award ceremony

CBMC Partnership Brochure
● Develop 2-page brochure displaying events / achievements of the CBMC – HCI partnership
● It will include organizational history of CBMC / HCI including contact and donation link addresses

Video Edit
● Content edit of Scholarship Award Ceremony Program video, add sub-titles for public display and website hosting
● Add subtitles to these and provide a final finished video

Other Projects
● Incumbent will be assigned projects / tasks / priorities in addition to the above-mentioned projects / tasks

Place of work
● Incumbent’s home located in riding of MP Chandra Arya

Monitoring Mechanism
● It is expected the incumbent will work from home
● Submit weekly report to the Supervisor detailing hours spent and tasks completed
● Preferably face to face meetings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to track progress and discuss tasks, at convenient venue of the Incumbent / Supervisor
● Meetings with Supervisor, Incumbent should print out completed work items for review
● Given any exceptional circumstances these meetings will be held virtually
● Priorities of the assignments will be at the discretion of the Supervisor and new tasks not listed herein may be assigned
● Assigned tasks will be completed by the end of the employment period so that the Supervisor may sign off the completion form
● Testimonial or Reference letter will be provided upon successful completion of assigned tasks/projects

Compensation and Payments
● Positions are for the summer period starting June 2020 to September 2020
● Effective dates will be determined once incumbent is selected
● Period will be 8 weeks at 35 hours per week, paid at $14 per hour, for a total disbursement per student of $3,920
● Overall performance will be assessed over the work period. Based on the performance assessment of the Supervisor, final payment will be made
● Below-par performance may result to final compensation payout

*** Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to ***