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Orphan Scholarship Program’s Report

Assalamu alaikum,

The CBMC Executive committee would like to kindly present to you the Orphan Scholarship Program’s Report.

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Below is a foreword from Surovi.

May Allah reward us all, Ameen.

The Orphan Scholarship Program’s Report preparation consumed huge
amount of work, research and dedication. Still, implementation would not be
possible if we don’t have cordial support of many individuals and
organizations. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and heartfelt
thanks to all of them. Without their contribution it was not possible to
accomplish the whole tasks of the project.

We are thankful to Human Concern International (HCI) Canada & Canada
Bangladesh Muslim Community (CBMC), colleagues who are participated in
project implementation and relevant stakeholders involved with the Project
Management Committee for their noble support and extended necessary
guidance concerning project implementation for the bright future of orphan

We are grateful to respected Head Teachers, Teachers, Government
Departments, UP Chairman/ Ward Councilors of the local government for
their valuable time, patience, advice, expertise and timely support. We greatly
acknowledge the staffs and people of different education institutions who
helped us generously to implement this project.


I am delighted to know that, SUROVI is going to publish the Orphan Scholarship
Program Report 2019. This is also a year of success in terms of reaching to the
vulnerable children, affected people, beneficiaries and locations. In the year
SUROVI has implemented various types of program for vulnerable & deprived
children and women in Bangladesh. In particular, the Orphan Scholarship
Program, funded by Human Concern International (HCI) Canada & Canada
Bangladesh Muslim Community (CBMC) was one of the successful and
significant programs to extend meaningful support to continue the education of
the most vulnerable orphan children of the society.

We all know that an orphan child’s ability to enjoy his/ her rights depends on a
wide range of interrelated circumstances, including the family into which they are
born, the community in which they grow up and the situation of the country of
which they are a citizen. Together, these factors act to determine whether an
orphan child can access all that is needed to thrive. If orphans and vulnerable
children are to access quality education, responses must be varied in order to
accommodate their diverse circumstances and demands.

The largest benefit of this type of approach is that such approaches are
completely contextualized in a specific moment in a particular community, often
tapping local resources to address a local problem. Because they are relevant to
prevailing conditions, their potential for effectiveness is increased. This sharp but
narrow focus can present challenges, however initiatives started as demonstration
projects to inform scaling-up and policy development in the area of orphans and
vulnerable children in the education sector.

(Md. Abu Taher)
Executive Director

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